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Ħal Farruġ

Ħal Farruġ
Chapel at Ħal Farruġ
Chapel at Ħal Farruġ
Ħal Farruġ is located in Malta
Ħal Farruġ
Ħal Farruġ
Coordinates: 35°51′42″N 14°28′20″E / 35.86167°N 14.47222°E / 35.86167; 14.47222
 • Total0.08 km2 (0.03 sq mi)
Highest elevation74 m (243 ft)
Lowest elevation67 m (220 ft)

Ħal Farruġ is a hamlet located in the south east of Malta, within the limits of Luqa. Within the hamlet's general area, a total number of 24 streets can be found.

The hamlet was run down in 1941 due to the construction of a new airport runway, which is today the major runway in the Malta International Airport.

Ħal Farruġ hosts the headquarters of Polidano Group, Malta's largest construction company. Illegal developments on site, including an office block, a dormitory for foreign workers, a brick factory and an underground parking, were legalised by the Planning Authority in May 2021.

The development of the headquarters of Polidano Group in Ħal Farruġ, over 64,000 square metres of land on the limits of the Malta Airport, took place without any permit. Polidano built a 19-metre high office block (double the 10.5 metre limit for industrial areas) and multilevel underground parking, as well as a brick factory and a dormitory for up to 64 foreign workers. In July 2010 Polidano applied for legalisation. These developments were subject to an enforcement notice by the Planning Authority in 2011, which was however suspended for over a decade pending applications for sanctioning. In May 2021 the Planning Authority legalised Polidano's illegal developments against a fine of €32,754.

As of Friday, September 2020, the Maltese Government transferred 15,000 square metres (3.7 acres) to the Valletta F.C. to be used as a football pitch.

A Covid-19 swab-test center was opened in March 2020. It is located on the outskirts of the hamlet.

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