100th New York State Legislature

100th New York State Legislature
99th 101st
Old State Capitol at Albany NY.jpg
The Old State Capitol (1879)
JurisdictionNew York, United States
TermJanuary 1 – December 31, 1877
PresidentLt. Gov. William Dorsheimer (D)
Temporary PresidentWilliam H. Robertson (R)
Party controlRepublican (19-13)
SpeakerGeorge B. Sloan (R)
Party controlRepublican (71-57)
1stJanuary 2 – May 24, 1877

The 100th New York State Legislature, consisting of the New York State Senate and the New York State Assembly, met from January 2 to May 24, 1877, during the first year of Lucius Robinson's governorship, in Albany.


Under the provisions of the New York Constitution of 1846, 32 Senators and 128 assemblymen were elected in single-seat districts; senators for a two-year term, assemblymen for a one-year term. The senatorial districts were made up of entire counties, except New York County (five districts) and Kings County (two districts). The Assembly districts were made up of entire towns, or city wards,[1] forming a contiguous area, all within the same county.

At this time there were two major political parties: the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. The Prohibition Party and the Greenback Party also nominated tickets.


The New York state election, 1876 was held on November 7. The Democratic incumbent State Comptroller Lucius Robinson was elected Governor, and his running mate William Dorsheimer was re-elected Lieutenant Governor. The other three statewide elective offices up for election were also carried by the Democrats. The approximate party strength at this election, as expressed by the vote for Governor, was: Democratic 520,000; Republican 489,000; Prohibition 3,400; and Greenback 1,400.


The Legislature met for the regular session at the Old State Capitol in Albany on January 2, 1877; and adjourned on May 24.

George B. Sloan (R) was elected Speaker with 69 votes against 57 for Luke F. Cozans (D).

On April 3, the Legislature re-elected Superintendent of Public Instruction Neil Gilmour to a term of three years.[2]

The Senate met for a special session at Saratoga; and adjourned on August 18.

On August 17, Superintendent of the New York State Banking Department DeWitt C. Ellis was removed from office.[3]

State Senate


Note: There are now 62 counties in the State of New York. The counties which are not mentioned in this list had not yet been established, or sufficiently organized, the area being included in one or more of the abovementioned counties.


The asterisk (*) denotes members of the previous Legislature who continued in office as members of this Legislature.

District Senator Party Notes
1st L. Bradford Prince* Republican
2nd John R. Kennaday* Democrat
3rd John C. Jacobs* Democrat
4th John Morrissey* Anti-Tam. Dem.
5th Alfred Wagstaff Jr. Democrat elected to fill vacancy, in place of James W. Booth
6th Caspar A. Baaden* Republican
7th James W. Gerard* Democrat
8th Francis M. Bixby* Anti-Tam. Dem.
9th William H. Robertson* Republican President pro tempore
10th Daniel B. St. John* Democrat
11th B. Platt Carpenter* Republican
12th Thomas Coleman* Republican
13th Hamilton Harris* Republican
14th Augustus Schoonmaker, Jr.* Democrat on November 6, 1877, elected New York Attorney General
15th Webster Wagner* Republican
16th Franklin W. Tobey* Republican
17th Darius A. Moore* Republican
18th James F. Starbuck* Democrat
19th Theodore S. Sayre* Republican
20th David P. Loomis* Democrat
21st Benjamin Doolittle* Republican
22nd Dennis McCarthy* Republican
23rd William C. Lamont* Democrat
24th John H. Selkreg* Republican
25th William B. Woodin* Republican
26th Stephen H. Hammond* Democrat
27th George B. Bradley* Democrat
28th William N. Emerson* Republican
29th Dan H. Cole* Republican
30th Abijah J. Wellman* Republican
31st E. Carleton Sprague Republican elected to fill vacancy, in place of Sherman S. Rogers
32nd Commodore P. Vedder* Republican


  • Clerk: Henry A. Glidden
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: John W. Corning
  • Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms: James L. Hart
  • Doorkeeper: Frederick M. Burton
  • First Assistant Doorkeeper: Webster Howard
  • Stenographer: Hudson C. Tanner
  • Janitor and Keeper of the Senate Chamber: George A. Johnson
  • Assistant Janitor and Keeper of the Senate Chamber: Robert McIntyre
  • Assistant Postmaster: Henry L. Griswold
  • Chaplain: Ebenezer Halley

State Assembly


The asterisk (*) denotes members of the previous Legislature who continued as members of this Legislature.

Party affiliations follow the vote for Speaker.

District Assemblymen Party Notes
Albany 1st John Sager Democrat
2nd Jonathan R. Herrick Democrat
3rd William J. Maher* Democrat
4th Edward Curran Democrat contested; seat vacated on February 27
Waters W. Braman Republican seated on February 27[4]
Allegany Sumner Baldwin* Republican
Broome Edwin C. Moody Republican
Cattaraugus 1st Thomas J. King Republican
2nd Edgar Shannon* Republican
Cayuga 1st George I. Post* Republican
2nd John S. Brown* Republican
Chautauqua 1st Sherman Williams Republican
2nd Theodore A. Case* Republican
Chemung Hosea H. Rockwell Democrat
Chenango J. Hudson Skillman Republican
Clinton Shepard P. Bowen* Republican
Columbia 1st Jacob H. Proper Democrat
2nd John T. Hogeboom* Republican
Cortland Deloss McGraw Republican
Delaware 1st William J. Welsh Republican
2nd Isaac H. Maynard* Democrat
Dutchess 1st Thomas Hammond* Republican
2nd DeWitt Webb* Republican
Erie 1st John L. Crowley Democrat
2nd John G. Langner Democrat
3rd Edward Gallagher* Republican
4th Charles F. Tabor* Democrat
5th Charles A. Orr Republican
Essex Benjamin D. Clapp Republican
Franklin John I. Gilbert* Republican
Fulton and Hamilton George W. Fay Republican
Genesee Eli Taylor Republican
Greene Oscar T. Humphrey Democrat
Herkimer Myron A. McKee* Republican
Jefferson 1st Charles R. Skinner Republican
2nd Henry Spicer Republican
Kings 1st Daniel Bradley* Ind. Dem.
2nd Richard Marvin Republican
3rd John Shanley Democrat
4th James G. Tighe Democrat
5th William W. Stephenson Republican
6th John A. Dillmeier Democrat
7th Charles L. Lyon* Democrat
8th Adrian M. Suydam* Republican
9th John McGroarty* Democrat
Lewis William W. Rice Democrat
Livingston Jonathan B. Morey Republican
Madison 1st Albert N. Sheldon Republican
2nd Merchant Billington Republican
Monroe 1st Willard Hodges* Republican
2nd James S. Graham* Republican
3rd Washington L. Rockwell Democrat
Montgomery Edward Wemple Democrat
New York 1st James Healey Democrat death announced January 23
John F. Berrigan Democrat elected to fill vacancy, seated on February 27
2nd Thomas F. Grady Democrat
3rd William H. Rooney Democrat
4th John Galvin* Democrat
5th Peter Mitchell Democrat
6th Michael Healy[5] Democrat
7th Isaac Israel Hayes* Republican
8th Martin Nachtmann Democrat
9th William H. Corsa Republican
10th Christopher Flecke Democrat
11th Elliot C. Cowdin Republican
12th Maurice F. Holahan Democrat
13th Robert H. Strahan* Republican
14th Luke F. Cozans Democrat
15th James G. Dimond Democrat
16th Francis B. Spinola Democrat
17th James E. Coulter Democrat
18th Stephen J. O'Hare* Democrat
19th Thomas C. E. Ecclesine Democrat
20th Joseph L. Stein Democrat
21st J. C. Julius Langbein Republican
Niagara 1st Amos A. Bissell* Democrat
2nd Sherburne B. Piper Democrat
Oneida 1st James Corbett Republican
2nd Everett Case Republican
3rd Benjamin D. Stone Democrat
4th J. Robert Moore Republican
Onondaga 1st Thomas G. Alvord Republican
2nd Carroll E. Smith* Republican
3rd C. Fred Herbst* Republican
Ontario 1st Dwight B. Backenstose Republican
2nd Amasa T. Winch Republican
Orange 1st James G. Graham Republican
2nd Stewart L. Durland Democrat died on January 17[6]
John V. D. Benedict elected to fill vacancy, seated on February 27
Orleans Joseph Drake Billings* Republican
Oswego 1st George B. Sloan* Republican elected Speaker
2nd George M. Case Republican
3rd DeWitt C. Peck Republican
Otsego 1st James S. Davenport* Democrat
2nd Simeon R. Barnes Republican
Putnam Hamilton Fish II* Republican
Queens 1st Elbert Floyd-Jones Democrat
2nd George E. Bulmer Democrat
Rensselaer 1st John H. Burns Democrat
2nd John J. Filkin Republican
3rd William H. Sliter Democrat
Richmond Samuel R. Brick Democrat
Rockland George W. Weiant* Democrat
St. Lawrence 1st David McFalls* Republican
2nd A. Barton Hepburn* Republican
3rd Lewis C. Lang* Republican
Saratoga 1st George W. Neilson Democrat
2nd Isaac Noyes Jr.* Republican
Schenectady Walter T. L. Sanders Democrat
Schoharie James H. Brown Democrat
Schuyler William Gulick* Republican
Seneca Albert L. Childs Democrat
Steuben 1st William B. Ruggles* Democrat
2nd Jerry E. B. Santee* Republican
Suffolk Francis Brill Democrat
Sullivan Thornton A. Niven Democrat
Tioga Eugene B. Gere* Republican
Tompkins Silas R. Wickes Republican
Ulster 1st Thomas Hamilton* Democrat
2nd Nathan Keator Republican
3rd Isaac W. Longyear Democrat
Warren Robert Waddell* Republican
Washington 1st Townsend J. Potter* Republican
2nd Isaac V. Baker Jr. Republican
Wayne 1st Jackson Valentine Republican
2nd Jeremiah Thistlethwaite Republican
Westchester 1st Ambrose H. Purdy Democrat
2nd William F. Moller Democrat
3rd James W. Husted* Republican
Wyoming Arthur Clark* Republican
Yates Mason L. Baldwin Republican


  • Clerk: Edward M. Johnson
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: George A. Goss
  • Doorkeeper: Eugene L. Demers
  • Assistant Doorkeeper: Francis Strickland
  • Assistant Doorkeeper: Michael Maher
  • Stenographer: Worden E. Payne


  1. ^ Except New York City where the wards were apportioned into election districts, and then some whole wards and some election districts of other wards were gerrymandered together into Assembly districts.
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