2009 Indoor Football League season

2009 IFL season
LeagueIndoor Football League
SportIndoor Football
DurationMarch 13, 2009 – July 11, 2009
Regular season
Season MVPChris Dixon
Intense championsBillings Outlaws
  Intense runners-upEl Paso Generals
United championsRiverCity Rage
  United runners-upWichita Wild
2009 United Bowl Championship
ChampionsBillings Outlaws
  Runners-upRiverCity Rage
IFL seasons
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The 2009 Indoor Football League season is the inaugural season of the Indoor Football League, a league formed as a merger between the Intense Football League and United Indoor Football. The regular season began on Friday, March 13 and ended on Saturday, July 11.[1] The league champions were the Billings Outlaws, who defeated the RiverCity Rage in the 2009 United Bowl.


United Conference

Team W L PCT
x-Maryland Maniacs 10 4 .714
y-Rochester Raiders 9 5 .643
y-RiverCity Rage 8 6 .571
Saginaw Sting 3 11 .214
Muskegon Thunder 1 13 .071
Team W L PCT
z-Omaha Beef 11 3 .786
y-Bloomington Extreme 10 4 .714
y-Wichita Wild 8 6 .571
Sioux Falls Storm [2][3][4] 6 8 .429
Sioux City Bandits 4 10 .286

Intense Conference

Lone Star
Team W L PCT
x-El Paso Generals 12 2 .857
y-Abilene Ruff Riders 8 6 .571
y-San Angelo Stampede Express 5 9 .357
Corpus Christi Hammerheads 5 9 .357
Odessa Roughnecks 3 11 .214
Team W L PCT
z-Billings Outlaws 12 2 .857
y-Fairbanks Grizzlies 7 7 .500
y-Colorado Ice 5 9 .357
Alaska Wild 0 14 .000

z=clinched top seed in conference, x=clinched division, y=clinched wild card spot


Henrietta, NY   College Park, MD          
 3  RiverCity  45
 3  RiverCity  55
 2  Rochester  42     Park City, KS
 1  Maryland  31  
United Conference
Bloomington, IL  A3  RiverCity  43
Omaha, NE
   C3  Wichita  30  
 3  Wichita  46 United Conference Championship
 3  Wichita  39
 2  Bloomington  37   Billings, MT
 1  Omaha  34  
Wild Card Round  
Conference Semi-finals
Abilene, TX  U6  RiverCity  62
El Paso, TX
   I1  Billings  71
 3  San Angelo  37 2009 United Bowl
 3  San Angelo  37
 2  Abilene  34     Billings, MT
 1  El Paso  75  
Intense Conference
Fairbanks, AK  LS1  El Paso  35
Billings, MT
   P1  Billings  66  
 3  Colorado  14 Intense Conference Championship
 2  Fairbanks  7
 2  Fairbanks  42  
 1  Billings  50  


Individual season awards

Award Winner Position Team
Most Valuable Player Chris Dixon QB BIL
Offensive Player of the Year Chris Dixon QB BIL
Defensive Player of the Year Michael Landry DB BIL
Special Teams Player of the Year Demarcus James KR AK
Offensive Rookie of the Year Darius Fudge RB WIC
Defensive Rookie of the Year Michael Eby DB BIL
Coach of the Year Brian Brents HC EP


1st Team All-IFL

Quarterback Chris Dixon, Billings
Running back Darius Fudge, Wichita
Wide receiver James Walton, Billings
Clinton Solomon, Wichita
DeAngelo Woodie, El Paso
Offensive lineman Bruce McCaleb, Sioux Falls
Jermaine Pruitt, El Paso
Jordon Piccou, Sioux City
Defensive line Michael Landry, Billings
Ron Ellington, El Paso
Eddie Bynes, Rochester
Linebacker Joe Bevis, River City
Lamont Reid, Wichita
Defensive back Joey Longoria, Abilene
LaRoche Jackson, Bloomington
Brent Hafford, Omaha
Special teams
Kicker Peter Christofilakos, Bloomington
Kick returner Demarcus James, Alaska

2nd Team All-IFL

Quarterback Tommy Jones, El Paso
Running back Sean Treasure, Sioux Falls
Wide receiver Lonnie Sanders, Fairbanks
Jimmy Conner, Odessa
Rob Mager, Rochester
Offensive lineman Charleston Gray, Wichita
Tyree Spinner, Maryland
Kiamni Jones, Omaha
Defensive end Oby Arah, Maryland
Corey Johnsen, Sioux Falls
Michael Bazemore, Outlaws
Linebacker Kyle McKenzie, Saginaw
Tonga Spetlar, Omaha
Defensive back James Temple, Bloomington
Mike Hill, Maryland
Michael Eby, Billings
Special teams
Kicker Scott Greene, Muskegon
Kick returner Randy Kelly, Wichita



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