34th Federal Congress of the PSOE

34th Federal Congress of the PSOE

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960 delegates in the 34th Federal Congress of the PSOE
Plurality of delegates needed to win
Turnout914 (96.7%)
Candidate Joaquín Almunia Blank ballots
Delegate vote 681 (74.7%) 231 (25.3%)

Secretary before election

Felipe González

Elected Secretary

Joaquín Almunia

The 34th Federal Congress of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party was held in Madrid from 20 to 22 June 1997, to renovate the governing bodies of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) and establish the party's main lines of action and strategy for the next leadership term. It saw Joaquín Almunia being elected unopposed as party secretary-general, with 74.7% of the delegate vote in the congress (681 votes) and 25.3% of blank ballots (231), following Felipe González's surprise announce in the congress opening that he would not be seeking re-election as party leader.


Candidate Age Notable positions Announced Eliminated Ref.


Candidate elected as secretary-general.
Joaquín Almunia
48 Spokesperson of the PSOE Group in the Congress of Deputies (since 1994)
Deputy in the Cortes Generales for Madrid (since 1979)

Minister for Public Administrations (1986–1991)
Minister of Labour and Social Security (1982–1986)
21 June 1997 checkY Elected


Summary of the 21–22 June 1997 congress results
Candidate Executive
Votes %
Joaquín Almunia 681 74.67
Blank ballots 231 25.33
Total 912
Valid votes 912 95.60
Invalid votes 2 4.40
Votes cast / turnout 914 96.72
Abstentions 31 3.28
Total delegates 945
Vote by delegates
Blank ballots

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