40th Federal Congress of the PSOE

40th Federal Congress of the PSOE

← 2017 15–17 October 2021

1,077 delegates in the 40th Federal Congress of the PSOE
Plurality of delegates needed to win
Turnout1,027 (95.4%)
Candidate Pedro Sánchez Blank ballots
Popular vote Cancelled Cancelled
Delegate vote Unopposed N/A
Executive 975 (94.9%) 52 (5.1%)

Secretary before election

Pedro Sánchez

Elected Secretary

Pedro Sánchez

The 40th Federal Congress of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party was held in Valencia from 15 October to 17 October 2021, to renovate the governing bodies of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) and establish the party's main lines of action and strategy for the next leadership term. A primary election to elect the new party secretary-general was initially scheduled for 26 September, but as a result of no opposing candidates running for election, Pedro Sánchez was proclaimed unopposed as party leader on 13 September.


The key dates are listed below (all times are CET):

  • 3 July: Official announcement of the congress.
  • 1 September: Submission of pre-candidacies and start of endorsement collection period.
  • 10 September: End of endorsement collection period.
  • 12 September: Proclamation of candidates to the party general secretariat.
  • 13 September: Official start of internal information campaign.
  • 25 September: Last day of internal information campaign.
  • 26 September: Primary election (first round of voting), election of congress delegates and deadline for amendment submission. (cancelled)
  • 28 September: Definitive proclamation of the party secretary-general (if elected in primary election).
  • 3 October: Primary election (second round of voting). (cancelled)
  • 7 October: Definitive proclamation of the party secretary-general (if not previously proclaimed).
  • 15–17 October: Federal congress.


Candidate Age Notable positions Announced Eliminated Ref.


Candidate elected as secretary-general.
Pedro Sánchez
49 Prime Minister of Spain (since 2018)
Secretary-General of the PSOE (2014–2016 and since 2017)
Deputy in the Cortes Generales for Madrid (2009–2011, 2013–2016 and since 2019)

Leader of the Opposition of Spain (2014–2016 and 2017–2018)
City Councillor of Madrid (2004–2009)
1 September 2021 checkY Elected


Summary of the 26 September–17 October 2021 PSOE congress results
Candidate Primary Congress
Secretary Executive
Votes % Votes % Votes %
Pedro Sánchez Cancelled Unopposed 975 94.94
Blank ballots 52 5.06
Total 1,027
Valid votes Cancelled 1,027 100.00
Invalid votes 0 0.00
Votes cast / turnout 1,027 95.36
Abstentions 50 4.64
Registered voters 1,077 1,077
Vote by delegates (Executive)
Blank ballots

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