Ana-Maria Avram

Ana-Maria Avram (12 September 1961 in Bucharest – 1 August 2017 in Galicea) was a Romanian composer affiliated with the spectral music style. She represents the Hyper-Spectral trend in contemporary avant-garde music. Avram also co-directed the Hyperion Ensemble with her collaborator and husband Iancu Dumitrescu.

Avram's music is spectral, acousmatic, heterophonic and transformational. It also frequently shows the influence of American free jazz, moving between composed and improvisational musics.[1] She composed over 100 works, including music for soloists, chamber music, orchestral music, electronic music and computer-assisted music.

Main works

  • "Quatre Etudes d'Ombre" for bass flûte (1997)
  • "Axe" for cello (1993)
  • "Métaboles" for bass clarinet (1985)
  • "Quatre Etudes orphiques" for female voice, electronics and ensemble (2006)
  • "Nouvelle Axe" for strings (1997)
  • "In Nomine Lucis" for orchestra (1992)
  • "Telesma" for clarinet, percussion and computer sounds (2002)
  • "Chaosmos" for orchestra (1996)
  • "Lux Animae" for ensemble and computer-assisted sounds (2004)
  • "Voices of the Desert" for ensemble and computer-assisted sounds (2005)
  • " The Endless Burning Fire" for ensemble and computer sounds (2007)
  • "Un raggio Ardente e di sí chiara luce" for strings (2000)

Contribution in musicology

  • ”Ana Maria Avram and Iancu Dumitrescu” - Musicworks Nr 71, “Being composer” - MusicWorks nr.76 (2000);
  • “Ana-Maria Avram: an adventure in experimental music” an interview with Costin Cazaban, Bananafish, Los Angeles no 15 (2001)
  • Jean-Noël Von Der Weid: “La Musique du XX Siècle” - Paris, Hachette, 2004


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