Ardristan standing stones

Ardristan standing stones
Ardristan standing stones is located in Ireland
Ardristan standing stones
Shown within Ireland
LocationArdristan, Tullow,
County Carlow, Ireland
Coordinates52°47′13″N 6°45′13″W / 52.786852°N 6.753659°W / 52.786852; -6.753659
Width1.56 metres (5.1 ft)
Height2.4 metres (7.9 ft)

The Ardristan standing stones are two menhirs near Tullow, County Carlow. The stones are located 50 metres apart, separated by a road. The larger of the stones is 2.8m tall and has 6 vertical grooves, some of which are artificial. The stones lie approximate 1 km north/north-west of the Aghade Holed Stone.

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