Barbrook One

Barbrook One
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Barbrook One is located in Derbyshire
Barbrook One
Shown within Derbyshire
LocationRamsley Moor, Peak District
Coordinates53°16′35″N 1°35′01″W / 53.27652°N 1.583735°W / 53.27652; -1.583735Coordinates: 53°16′35″N 1°35′01″W / 53.27652°N 1.583735°W / 53.27652; -1.583735
TypeStone circle
PeriodsBronze Age

Barbrook One (grid reference SK27857558) is a stone circle on Ramsley Moor in the Peak District.


"Barbrook No. 1" is an embanked stone circle.[1] It has one large standing stone (1 metre high) and 11 smaller stones (5 cm to 25 cm high).[1] The circle has an internal diameter of about 13 metres, and it is surrounded by a rubble bank 3 metres wide.[1]

The stone circle stands in a cairn field on Ramsley Moor. This includes "Barbrook No. 2" which is a ring cairn consisting of a rubble bank with internal diameter 13 metres.[2] It is about 200 metres to the north by northwest of Barbrook 1.[2] Altogether there are about 80 cairns on Ramsley Moor.[3] The majority are less than 6 metres in diameter.[3] Many are believed to be clearance cairns of later prehistoric date. Some of the larger cairns are likely to be Bronze Age funerary monuments.[3] The area is a designated Scheduled Ancient Monument.[4]

Two kilometres to the north is another stone circle known as "Barbrook No. 3" (or "Barbrook III").[5]


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