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Bohuslav Fuchs

Bohuslav Fuchs (24 March 1895 in Všechovice – 18 September 1972 in Brno) was a Czech modernist architect.

A mason by education, Fuchs studied with Jan Kotěra at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague between 1916-1919, and then later worked in Kotěra's atelier for two years. After 1922, Fuchs resided in Brno, where he first worked at the city construction office and then later (from 1929) in his own atelier. Between 1947-1958, Fuchs was a professor of architecture at Brno University of Technology. He participated in several professional associations abroad (e. g. British RIBA). His projects, realized mainly in Brno, were predominantly influenced by functionalism.

Bathhouse in Zábrdovice
Pavillon Brno at the Brno Exhibition Grounds

Major works in Brno

Hotel Avion today
  • Zemanova kavárna (Café Zeman), 1925
  • Masná burza (Meat Exchange House), 1926
  • Hotel Avion, 1927
  • pavilony na Výstavišti (pavillons at the Brno Exhibition Ground), 1928
  • Moravská banka, 1930, in cooperation with Arnošt Wiesner
  • Vesna Professional Secondary School for Woman`s Occupation, 1930, in cooperation with Josef Polášek
  • Lázně v Zábrdovicích (bathhouse in Zábrdovice), 1930
  • Petrák Villa, 1936
  • Nádražní pošta (post office), 1938
  • Autobusové nádraží na Benešově ulici (bus station in Beneš Street), 1949
  • various family houses


Further reading

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