Brahms Museum, Mürzzuschlag

Brahms Museum
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General information
AddressWiener Straße 4
8680 Mürzzuschlag
Coordinates47°36′20.2″N 15°40′19.6″E / 47.605611°N 15.672111°E / 47.605611; 15.672111Coordinates: 47°36′20.2″N 15°40′19.6″E / 47.605611°N 15.672111°E / 47.605611; 15.672111

The Brahms Museum, in Mürzzuschlag, in Styria, Austria, is dedicated to the composer Johannes Brahms. He lived here during the summers of 1884 and 1885.


The composer's living quarters were restored in 2015. There is a permanent exhibition about Brahms, particularly his time at Mürzzuschlag. He lived here, over the two years 1884 and 1885, for a total of nine months; during this time he composed his Symphony No. 4, and many songs.

There are items and photographs relating to Brahms, and a grand piano owned by the composer. The exhibition describes the composer's circle of friends, some of whom visited him during his stay.

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