Burmarrad Parish Church and square

Burmarrad is a hamlet in Malta, within the city of St. Paul's Bay. The main heritage site is the San Pawl Milqi zone, where there is a chapel dedicated to St. Paul, built on the remains of a Roman temple dedicated to Apollo, and tradition says to be the remains of the house of St. Publius.[1]


The name, 'Burmarrad' may refer to the village's proximity to the sea. It is generally accepted that the name, in old Maltese, refers to a settlement upon the marshes.[2] The original word was " bur marradi", where the "bur" refers to a well, while "marradi" means sickly. Conjoined, this means that the water in the marshes was contaminated, hence bur marradi, and later Burmarrad.[dubious ] Burmarrad retains a number of farms, primarily centered on agriculture.

Several archeological remains are found in the whereabouts.[3]

The parish priest since 2016 is P. Christian Anthony Borg OFM.[4]

This tiny village is home to the residence of Joseph Muscat, Prime Minister of Malta.[5]

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Coordinates: 35°56′06″N 14°24′51″E / 35.9349°N 14.4143°E / 35.9349; 14.4143

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