Burnmoor stone circles

Burnmoor stone circles
Photo of two stone circles
White Moss stone circles
Burnmoor stone circles is located in Cumbria
Burnmoor stone circles
Shown within Cumbria
Coordinates54°24′33″N 3°16′28″W / 54.409175°N 3.274325°W / 54.409175; -3.274325Coordinates: 54°24′33″N 3°16′28″W / 54.409175°N 3.274325°W / 54.409175; -3.274325
TypeStone circle
PeriodsBronze Age

The Burnmoor Stone Circles are a group of five different approximately 4000-year-old stone circles in Cumbria. They are around 1 mile north of the village of Boot, on the slopes of Boat How. The site which covers roughly a square mile is looked after by the National Trust. The largest circle is known as Brat's Hill and there are two nearby pairs of circles known as White Moss and Low Longrigg.

Brat's Hill stone circle

Brat's Hill is the largest stone circle with approximately 42 stones forming an irregular circle with a diameter of 30 metres. There are five funerary cairns within the circle together with two further stones. There is an outlying stone 10 metres to the northwest of the circle.

White Moss stone circles

About 100 metres to the northwest of Brat's Hill circle lie the two White Moss stone circles. One of them (White Moss North East) measures 16 metres in diameter and has 11 stones forming the circle, while the other (White Moss South West) measures 16.5 metres in diameter and has 14 stones forming the circle. Both stone circles have internal cairns.

Low Longrigg stone circles

About 500 metres to the northwest of Brat's Hill circle lie the two Low Longrigg stone circles. One of them (Low Longrigg North East) measures around 21 metres in diameter, has 15 stones forming an irregular circle, and contains two cairns. The other (Low Longrigg South West) measures 15 metres in diameter, has nine stones forming the circle, and contains a cairn at the centre.


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