Capriccio of the City of London

Capricho of London with the Port, the Bank of England, the Monument and Saint Paul's Cathedral

Capriccio of the City of London is an early 18th century oil painting made by the Dutch Griffier family,[citation needed] who became well known in England. Jan Griffier and his children, Jan and Robert, created the landscape.


This canvas shows London almost a century after the devastating Great Fire of London of September 1666. A courtly couple costumed in the period of George II promenades in the foreground. The commercial peak of the time is portrayed by the abundant merchant ships on the River Thames. In the centre stands the famous Monument to the Great Fire of London column built in 1677 by architect Sir Christopher Wren who was commissioned to reconstruct much of the city after the fire.

Towards the back of the scene is Wren's St Paul's Cathedral which was built between 1676 and 1710.[1]


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