Native name
Irish: Carraig an Ghiolla
Carrigagulla 0501.jpg
Official nameCarrigagulla
Reference no.660

Carrigagulla (Irish: Carraig an Ghiolla) is a megalithic complex 2.9 km north-east of Ballinagree, County Cork, Ireland.

It consists of two axial stone circle, two stone rows, and an ogham stone which has been moved around a half mile away.


Carrigagulla A is a 7.8m diameter stone circle comprising 15 standing stones circling a central slab. It is thought that there originally may have been 17 stones in place. The Carrigagulla NE stone row comprising five stones, four of which have been moved and are now used as gates. W 371 829. The stone row at Carrigagulla SW is built from three stones, one of which has fallen.

Carrigagulla Ogham Stone was discovered by Coillte Teoranta during peat cutting, but the exact location of the find is not known. It has been housed in Cork Public Museum since 1940.[citation needed]

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