Cigarette (1/3)

Cigarette tony smith.jpg
ArtistTony Smith
Year1961 (1961)
Coordinates42°55′54″N 78°52′35″W / 42.93153°N 78.87632°W / 42.93153; -78.87632Coordinates: 42°55′54″N 78°52′35″W / 42.93153°N 78.87632°W / 42.93153; -78.87632

Cigarette is a public artwork by United States artist Tony Smith, located on the grounds of the Albright Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, NY. Cigarette is a minimalist piece of environmental sculpture created by in 1961. The sculpture is over 15 feet tall and made of flat planes of steel in a twisted form.[1] This is the first in an edition of three (with one artists proof); no. 2 is at MOMA in New York.

A small scale version of the work is in the collection of the Saint Louis Art Museum.

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