Circa (company)

C1RCA Footwear
HeadquartersSan Clemente, California, U.S.
ProductsSkateboard shoes, clothes, hats, accessories

Circa (stylized C1RCA or C1rca) is a skateboard footwear and apparel company that started in 1999 and is based in San Clemente, California.[1]

It was started by Four Star Distribution along with Chad Muska as its first professional rider.[2]



  • David Gravette
  • Windsor James
  • Jimmy Carlin
  • Adrian Lopez
  • Ryan Gallant
  • Taylor Kirby


  • Chad Muska
  • Jamie Thomas
  • Mark Appleyard
  • Colt Cannon
  • Chris Cole
  • Caswell Berry
  • Peter Ramondetta
  • James Craig
  • Jon Allie


  • Ryan Ries
  • Robbie Brockel
  • Jack Olson
  • Blue Turner
  • Windsor James


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