Creevykeel Court Tomb

Creevykeel Court Tomb is one of the better examples of a court tomb in Ireland.[1] The monument is located on the foothills of Tievebaun Mountain close to the sea near Mullaghmore in County Sligo.



The building of the tomb dates back to the Neolithic Period, 4000-2500 BC.[2] The Creevykeel Court Tomb is made up of a long, trapezoid shaped cairn which encloses an oval court, and a burial chamber that is made up of two compartments at the north west of the court. In the back of cairn there are three subsidiary chambers which are built into the cairn.

"The old name for Creevykeel is Caiseal a' Bhaoisgin, the Fort of Bhaoisgin, Bhaoisgin being the well near the cairn."[3]


Excavations in 1935

The Creevykeel Court Tomb was excavated in 1935 by the fourth Harvard archaeological mission, which was one part of scientific excavations that occurred in Ireland. The leader of the excavation was Hugh O'Neill.



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