Crespellano is a frazione of comune (municipality) of Valsamoggia in the Metropolitan City of Bologna in the Italian region Emilia-Romagna, located about 15 kilometres (9 mi) west of Bologna.[1]

The main attraction is the Palazzo Garagnani, a former patrician villa of the Bentivoglio family of Bolognese lords.


  1. ^ Adriana Galderisi; Angela Colucci (17 July 2018). Smart, Resilient and Transition Cities: Emerging Approaches and Tools for A Climate-Sensitive Urban Development. Elsevier Science. pp. 193–. ISBN 978-0-12-811478-0. Retrieved 4 June 2019. The city was established through the merger of the municipalities of Bazzano, Castello di Serravalle, Crespellano, Monteveglio and Savigno. Valsamoggia is the second largest municipality of the area and the fifth in the number of inhabitants, 30,606, and is part of the Metropolitan City of Bologna.

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