Democratic Action Party (Spain)

Democratic Action Party
Partido de Acción Democrática
PresidentFrancisco Fernández Ordóñez
Founded4 November 1981
Dissolved23 January 1983
Split fromUnion of the Democratic Centre
Merged intoSpanish Socialist Workers' Party
HeadquartersC/ Padilla, 1, Madrid
IdeologySocial democracy

The Democratic Action Party (Spanish: Partido de Acción Democrática, PAD) was a Spanish political party of social democratic ideology.

It was founded by former justice minister Francisco Fernández Ordóñez in November 1981 and was formed by 17 parliamentarians—10 deputies and 7 senators—that had left the Union of the Democratic Centre (UCD) due to its conservative political positions. The PAD reached an electoral agreement with the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) ahead of the 1982 Spanish general election. The party was dissolved in 1983 and the majority of its members joined the PSOE.

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