Dolmen de la Pastora

Dolmen de la Pastora
Entrance to the Dolmen
Dolmen de la Pastora is located in Spain
Dolmen de la Pastora
Shown within Spain
Alternative nameCueva de la Pastora
Coordinates37°24′47″N 6°03′52″W / 37.41319°N 6.06444°W / 37.41319; -6.06444
PeriodsBronze Age

The Dolmen de la Pastora (also known as Cueva de la Pastora) is a prehistoric passage grave at Valencina de la Concepción near Seville, Spain. It has been dated to the Chalcolithic Age.


The dolmen is under "La Pastora" mound at Valencina de la Concepción. It is a 43-metre long gallery, made with drystone walls and roofed with slabs of limestone and granite. The passage terminates in a circular funeral chamber with a diameter of 2.5 metres, roofed with a single granite capstone. The passage is orientated towards the sunset, unlike other similar tombs in the region which tend to face towards sunrise.

Excavations in the slope of the tumulus in 1860 yielded 27 copper arrow heads of the "javelin type".


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