Dorsal venous network of hand

Dorsal venous network of hand
The veins on the dorsum of the hand. (Dorsal venous network labeled at center right.)
Drains fromhand
Sourcedorsal metacarpal veins
Drains tocephalic vein, basilic vein
Latinrete venosum dorsale manus
Anatomical terminology

The dorsal venous network of the hand is a venous network on the dorsum (backside) of hand. It is formed by the dorsal metacarpal veins, a dorsal digital vein from the radial side of the index finger and one from the ulnar side of the little finger, and both dorsal digital veins of the thumb. The venous network gives rise to the cephalic vein and the basilic vein; an accessory cephalic vein may arise from it as well.

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