Duloe stone circle

Duloe stone circle
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Duloe stone circle
Duloe stone circle is located in Cornwall
Duloe stone circle
Shown within Cornwall
LocationDuloe, Cornwall
Coordinates50°23′53″N 4°29′01″W / 50.3981°N 4.48355°W / 50.3981; -4.48355Coordinates: 50°23′53″N 4°29′01″W / 50.3981°N 4.48355°W / 50.3981; -4.48355
TypeStone circle
PeriodsBronze Age

Duloe stone circle or Duloe circle is a stone circle near the village of Duloe, located 5 miles (8.0 km) from Looe in southeast Cornwall, England, UK.[1]


It is made of eight bright white quartzite stones placed in an oval shaped circle. Stones vary in height, the largest on the south being over 12 tons and 2.65 metres (8.7 ft) high. The dimensions in a north–south direction are 11.9 metres (39 ft) by 10.7 metres (35 ft). Its original width is unknown as it was moved in 1861 due to an intersecting hedge. Two of the stones were broken in the manoeuvre. It was also claimed that a bronze age urn full of bones was smashed after being found under one of the stones and allegedly crumbled into the air.[2] It can be accessed near Duloe village on the B3254, signposted on the west of the road in a field. The site inspired the 2006 video game Barrow Hill.



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