Easy Redmine

Easy Redmine
Other namesEasy Project
Developer(s)Easy Software
Initial release2007
Stable release
v13.3.0 / October 2023
Written inRuby on Rails, Vue.js
Available in21 languages
TypeProject management software, collaboration software
LicenseOpen Source

Easy Redmine (also Easy Project) is open-source project management software available in 80 countries worldwide. It functions as an extension to Redmine.


Easy Software, a company behind Easy Redmine was established in 2006 by Filip Morávek who serves as a company's CEO and is also a founder of the Mindfulness Foundation. In 2007, the company released an open source project management software based on Redmine that included modules for project financing — Easy Redmine. Easy Software also develops Easy Project – an identical product distributed in Czechia and Hungary. In 2021 Easy Redmine 11 was released with mobile application, Rails 6, Ruby 3.0, Sidekiq B2B CRM features. In 2022 Easy Redmine was available in 70 countries. In 2023 Easy Redmine 13 was released in collaboration with Scrum certified expert.


Easy Redmine covers Waterfall and Agile project management individually or simultaneously. It is available in public and private cloud hosting or on-premises server. It's based on open-source technologies such as Redmine. It covers the complete process from planning through implementation to helpdesk support. Easy Redmine also implements techniques such as risk and resource management, mind maps and Gantt charts. The application includes a CRM module focused on the B2B segment with partner access control and partner network management. Easy Redmine 13 also has integration MediaWiki, the software that runs Wikipedia and GitLab, an AI-powered DevSecOps Platform. Easy Redmine is used by the Kazakh state administration, Bosch, Zentiva, Innogy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Axa, RTL Radio Berlin, Continental and Ogilvy among others. It features separately installable extensions.

in 2017, it was reviewed by iX Special in comparison to GitKraken (previously known as Axosoft) and Agilo for Trac.

PCmag while analyzing Redmine highlights that Easy Redmine enhances the core features of Redmine with a more polished interface and offers proprietary plug-ins for additional functionalities, such as tools for resource management, financial management, and support for agile methodologies.

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