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Edison State Community College is a community college in Piqua, Ohio. It was established as Ohio's first general and technical college.[3] The College's main campus is located across I-75 from the historic city of Piqua, Ohio and sits on a 131-acre rural plain among agricultural fields and neighboring educational institutions. An additional campus is located in Greenville, Ohio and offers a wide variety of courses and student resources.

Edison State Community College currently offers more than forty associate degrees[4][better source needed] and short term technical certificates, a broad range of baccalaureate transfer programs, developmental coursework, and continuing education offerings designed to result in university transfer, career advancement, and workforce development.



Edison State Community College was chartered in 1973 under provisions of the Ohio Revised Code as the first general and technical college in Ohio. The college thus emerged without special local taxation as a two-year, public, co-educational, state-supported institution of higher learning. Under its charter, it was authorized to offer studies in the arts and sciences, technical education and continuing education. By virtue of legislative action, the College's name was changed in 1978 from Edison State General and Technical College to Edison State Community College. Today, the College is known as Edison State Community College.

From modest beginnings in a rented facility, the College has grown in stages to its current campus. Its enrollment and offerings have grown steadily during its brief forty-year history, from 309 students enrolled in 30 courses in 1973 to more than 3,000 students enrolled today. Edison State Community College currently offers five different degrees, two of which are designed for transferring to a four-year college or university, and three which prepare graduates for immediate employment.

An additional campus was opened in Darke County in the spring of 1979 in response to Edison's commitment to providing quality education opportunities. Originally housed in a rented facility, the Wagner Avenue location was opened in 2001 and officially became the Darke County Campus to better reflect the range of student services and enrollment opportunities available to area residents.[5]


Edison State Community College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission[6] and is recognized with the highest order attainable by the Ohio Board of Regents.

Edison State is also a member of the Ohio Association of Community Colleges (OACC) and the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC).


The Edison State Community College athletic teams compete in Region XII as a Division II member of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA), regularly playing teams in the Midwest. Edison State is also a participating member of the Ohio Community College Athletic Conference (OCCAC).

The Chargers compete at the varsity level in Men's Baseball, Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, Women's Softball, and Women's Volleyball[1].


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