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Extended Play (Denver Harbor EP)

Extended Play
Denver Harbor-Extended Play.gif
EP by
ReleasedDecember 16, 2003
RecordedSignature Sound (San Diego, California), Casa de Saladbar (San Marcos, California)
GenreAlternative rock, post-grunge
LabelAngry Pirates
ProducerJoe Marlett, Will Salazar
Denver Harbor chronology
Extended Play

Extended Play is the debut EP from Denver Harbor. It was first released by the band on December 16, 2003, featuring a skit at the very end of the CD, about a hung-over girl who wakes up in bed next to a stranger. After the first print run of the EP sold out, Denver Harbor re-recorded the songs for the second printing, issued on April 20, 2004. The artwork stayed the same and the easiest way to tell the versions apart is said outro, which was removed for the second edition.

Track listing

(all songs written by Will Salazar)

  1. "Picture Perfect Wannabe" – 4:00
  2. "Outta My Head" – 3:30
  3. "Satisfied" – 4:15
  4. "Way Back Home" – 3:49
  5. "Pop Manifesto" – 11:02


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