Fields of Forel

Fields of Forel
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The fields of Forel are areas in a deep part of the brain known as the diencephalon. They are below the thalamus and consist of three defined, white matter areas of the subthalamus. These three regions are also named "H fields":

Nuclei campi perizonalis

Nuclei campi perizonalis or the nuclei of the perizonal fields (of Forel) are a group of nuclei in the ventral thalamus and are considered part of the subthalamus, they comprise 3 groups of nuclei arranged as follows:

  • Nucleus campi medialis: the nucleus of prerubral field (field H)
  • Nucleus campi dorsalis: Neurons scattered along the thalamic fasciculi in field H1 of Forel
  • Nucleus campi ventralis: Neurons scattered along the lenticular fasciculi in field H2 of Forel

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