Fort Mellieħa

Fort Mellieħa
Il-Fortizza tal-Mellieħa
Mellieħa, Malta
Coordinates35°57′19.3″N 14°21′55″E / 35.955361°N 14.36528°E / 35.955361; 14.36528
Site information
OwnerGovernment of Malta
Controlled byMellieħa Scout Group
Site history
Built byBritish Empire
Battles/warsWorld War II

Fort Mellieħa or Mellieħa Fort (Maltese: Il-Fortizza tal-Mellieħa), also known as Il-Fortizza tas-Salib (meaning Fort of the Cross),[1] is a World War II-era fort in Mellieħa, Malta. It was built by the British on top of Mellieħa hill, to serve as a civil defence depot and an observation post.[2] The structure is lightly fortified by a perimeter wall.[3]

The fort is now surrounded by residential buildings. On 28 December 1991, the Lands Department leased it to the Mellieħa Scout Group, who restored the building, and now use it as their headquarters. It is the largest scouts headquarters in Malta, and it includes kitchens, dormitories, a campsite and underground shelters.[4]


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