Gallardet Dolmen

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Gallardet Dolmen (French: Dolmen de Gallardet), also known as Pouget Dolmen,[1] is a dolmen near the village of Le Pouget in Languedoc, France. It is a large tumulus, containing a 12 metre long alley. The main chamber, 6 metres long by 4 metres wide, is covered by three large capstones.[2] The entrance is described as being like an "oven door", 2 metres high and 1 metre wide.[2] The access corridor is 5 metres long and between 1 and 1.5 metres wide.[2] The corridor leads to an outside chamber which is 2.5 metres long and the same in width.[2]


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Coordinates: 43°35′12″N 3°30′36″E / 43.58667°N 3.51000°E / 43.58667; 3.51000

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