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Batory High School
II LO im. Stefana Batorego w Warszawie
Gimnazjum i Liceum Batorego w Warszawie 2015.JPG
Myśliwiecka 6


Coordinates52°13′19″N 21°02′02″E / 52.222°N 21.034°E / 52.222; 21.034Coordinates: 52°13′19″N 21°02′02″E / 52.222°N 21.034°E / 52.222; 21.034
Patron saint(s)Stefan Batory
FounderAntoni Ponikowski
PrincipalBarbara Kordas
Age16 to 19
Classes23 (21 high school classes + 2 last junior-high classes)
Average class size33
LanguageBilingual: Polish, English

Batory High School is a public secondary school founded on 1 September 1918 and located at 6 Myśliwiecka Street in Warsaw, Poland.[1] It is one of the best and most prestigious high schools in Poland. Famous alumni include among others composer Witold Lutosławski and poet and Home Army soldier Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński, killed during the Warsaw Uprising.

The school offers subject-profiled classes taught both in Polish and English. Enhanced education in mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, humanities (languages and history) and geography is provided. Since 2005, the school offers the two-year IB program intended for students aged 16–19.[2]


The school's history starts with the founding of the Stefan Batory Gymnasium (now called Lyceum) on 1 September 1918. It was originally located at 21 Kapucyńska Street. Construction of the current premises, the work of the eminent architect and urbanist Prof. Tadeusz Tołwiński, started in 1922 and was completed in September of 1924. The school was equipped with exceptionally modern learning facilities and science labs, astronomical observatory (now closed), underground swimming pool and botanical garden. The teaching staff was composed of distinguished teachers like Stanisław Młodożeńiec, Stanisław Arnold, Stanisław Malec, Gustaw Wuttke, Adam Zieleńczyk to name just a few. At the outset of the World War II, during German invasion of Poland in September 1939, the school served as field hospital, supporting the nearby Ujazdowski Hospital. During the German occupation of Poland (1939–1945) the school's buildings were requisitioned and hosted German primary and secondary school. Its opening was attended by Governor General Hans Frank. Throughout the occupation period Stefan Batory Gymnasium teachers organized underground education for its students.

In the post World War II period the name of the school was changed to Stefan Batory Lyceum (full Polish name - II Liceum Ogółnokształcące im. Stefana Batorego w Warszawie).

In 2017, a team from the school became the first from Poland to win a title (in the Varsity Bowl Division) in the International History Bee and Bowl European Championships, which were held in Rome that year.

Notable alumni

The following list is based on the list provided on the website of the school who have Wikipedia pages about them, historian and alumni information:[3]


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