Golden Goblet Award for Best Actress

The Golden Goblet Award for Best Actress (Chinese: 金爵奖最佳女演员) is a prize given to actresses in the main category of competition at the Shanghai International Film Festival.

Award Winners

Year Film Actress
1993 Sopyonje South Korea Jung-hae Oh
1995 Red Cherry China Guo Keyu
1996 Sur un air de mambo France Catherine Jacob
1997 Settlement China Pan Yu
1999 Genghis Khan China Ai Liya
2001 Money Is Not Everything Poland Stanisława Celińska
The Full Moon China Peng Yu
2002 Life Show China Tao Hong
2003 no award this year
2004 Shanghai Story Hong Kong Josephine Koo
2005 A Time to Love China Zhao Wei
2006 Love Belongs to Everyone Belgium Els Dottermans
2007 According to the Plan Germany Corinna Harfouch, Dagmar Manzel, Kirsten Block, Christine Schorn
2008 Václav Slovakia Emília Vášáryová
2009 Aching Hearts Denmark Simone Tang
2010 Kiss Me Again Italy Vittoria Puccini
2011 Folk Songs Singing China Lü Xingchen
2012 El sueño de Lu Mexico Úrsula Pruneda
2013 Unbeatable Malaysia Crystal Lee
2014 Little England Greece Pinelopi Tsilika
2015 Wildeye Finland Krista Kosonen
2016 The Projects Japan Naomi Fujiyama
2017 Yellow Iran Sareh Bayat
2018 Tadoussac Canada Isabelle Blais
2019 Inhale-Exhale Georgia (country) Salome Demuria
2021 Amateurs Poland Marzena Gajewska
2023 658km, Yoko no Tabi Japan Rinko Kikuchi

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