Goosehill Camp

Goosehill Camp
Goosehill Camp, Bow Hill.jpg
LocationBow Hill, West Sussex in West Sussex, England
Coordinates50°54′25″N 0°49′19″W / 50.906957°N 0.821947°W / 50.906957; -0.821947Coordinates: 50°54′25″N 0°49′19″W / 50.906957°N 0.821947°W / 50.906957; -0.821947
Area1.665 hectares (4.11 acres)
BuiltIron Age
Reference no.246477
Goosehill Camp is located in Chichester District
Goosehill Camp
Location of Goosehill Camp

Goosehill Camp is a prehistoric earthwork that dates back to the Iron Age. It consists of two concentric banks and ditches. The inner enclosure has one entrance and surround two levelled hut sites. Goosehill Camp is within the Kingley Vale National Nature Reserve, on the South Downs.


Goosehill Camp's first recorded excavation was carried out by J. R. Boyden. This excavation was carried out between 1953 and 1955.

1950s Excavation team
Post Name
Site Director J. R. Boyden
Site Supervisor Peter Tennant
Site Supervisor Frank Hawtin
Site Assistants Pupils from Bedales School
Site Assistant John Kenchenton
Site Assistant Mrs. Kenchenton
Illustrator C. H. Byrne
Illustrator F. Hawtin
Illustrator A. E. Sewell
Advisor Stuart Piggott C.B.E.
Advisor Dr. A. E. Wilson
Advisor A. H. Collins
Advisor G. P. Burstow F.S.A.
Advisor M. A. Burstow

An excavation took place between 2008-2009 and was carried out by the University College London's Institute of Archaeology, under Mark Roberts. These excavations were complemented by a topographical survey and a magnetometry survey.

More recently, between 2014 and 2016 a field survey has been conducted, around Kingley Vale, by programme of volunteer based fieldwork, led under the guidance and support of professional archaeologists.Goosehill Camp was included in the survey.

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