Halfway Festival

Halfway Festival
Genresinger-songwriter, folk, alternative, indie, rock, electronic
DatesLast weekend of June (3 days)
Location(s)Białystok, Poland
Years active2012–present
Founded byPodlasie Opera and Philharmonic – European Art Centre

Halfway Festival is a music festival which takes place in Northeastern Poland, in Białystok in the last week of June every year. The festival's main organizer is the Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic – European Art Centre. Its first edition happened in 2012.


Halfway Festival is a gathering involving songwriters, folk, and alternative musicians. "It’s not the biggest, or the most important, or the best festival in the world, but it provides an indescribable and unique atmosphere for its enthusiastic audience. The festival is one of a kind, as it is created by both performers and the audience – according to its motto: “Close to people, close to music”. It is a festival with no headliners – all artists, along with the audience, share the utmost importance." - say the organizers.[1] There are no complicated, restrictive regulations. It's all based on trust and a big culture of participants. There's time to talk to artists, to see them walking around, resting or listening to other performers amongst the audience. It's the festival where nobody should hurry; the artists can play for as long as they and their fans want, as there's no time limit for the performances. It's the festival which connects the music tradition of Western and Eastern Europe, and the US in one place.


Halfway is a cameral festival which takes place in an amphitheatre with great, unique acoustics. The scenery sits really close, within the audience's reach. The amphitheatre is located at Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic – European Art Centre in Białystok – the largest institute of arts in Northeastern Poland, and the most modern cultural center in this region of Europe.

In between concerts it is possible to spend time in a green milieu around the amphitheatre. There is a DJ area to dance or listen to good electronic music. There are stalls with many kinds of tea, regional beer, grilled food, festival gadgets.[2]



Friday 23 June

  • Starsabout (PL)
  • Christine Owman (SE)
  • Shuma (BY)

Saturday 24 June

Sunday 25 June


Friday 24 June

Saturday 25 June

Sunday 26 June


Friday 26 June

Saturday 27 June

Sunday 28 June


Phosphorescent at Halfway Festival 2014 in Białystok

Friday 27 June

Saturday 28 June

Lisa Hannigan at Halfway Festival 2014

Sunday 29 June


Sóley at Halfway Festival 2013

28 June

29 June

30 June


Tickets and schedule

There are two kinds of tickets available: three-day passes for the whole festival and one-day passes.

There are places in Białystok where the participants can find rooms for lower prices, as well as discounts at artistic cafés, restaurants, and pubs that cooperate with Halfway and its organizers.

All concerts start early in the evening. Prior to them, it is possible to enjoy the attractions prepared by the organizers, e.g. meet & greet with the bands, writers, yoga trainings and many others – depending on the edition of the festival.[4]

Artists about the festival

  • Lisa Hannigan: "Lovely venue and audience! It was just really lovely... (…) I’m hoping I will be invited back."
  • Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond) - asked why she came to Europe without a European tour, only for the festival - answered: "I was invited. (laugh) I’s that simple. I heard how lovely this festival was so I thought it was a great opportunity to finally come to Poland. So I did."
  • Matthew Houck (Phosphorescent (band)): "It's gorgeus here! It's way more gorgeous than I thought it could be!"
  • Theodore: „One of the best gigs in my life!"[5]


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