Herbert von Karajan Music Prize

Herbert von Karajan Music Prize
Awarded for"important personalities from the international music scene"
Presented byFestspielhaus Baden-Baden Cultural Foundation
First awarded2003
Last awarded2015

The international Herbert von Karajan Music Prize (German: Herbert von Karajan Musikpreis) was an annual award presented by the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden in honour of the celebrated 20th century Austrian conductor, Herbert von Karajan. The prize was inaugurated in 2002 and the monetary element was set at 50,000 Euro, which must be used by the recipient to help further the careers of young musicians. It was first awarded in 2003, to the German violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter. The prize was funded by the Herbert von Karajan Family Foundation Helibelle.

The prize was last awarded in 2015. The successor award is the Herbert von Karajan Prize in Salzburg.

The Herbert von Karajan Music Prize is not to be confused with the Herbert von Karajan Foundation’s “International Competition for Conductors” launched in Berlin in September 1969, whose winners included Valery Gergiev and Mariss Jansons.


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