Hordron Edge stone circle

Hordron Edge stone circle
Part of Hordron Edge stone circle
Hordron Edge stone circle is located in Derbyshire
Hordron Edge stone circle
Location in Derbyshire
Coordinates53°22′41″N 1°40′41″W / 53.37806°N 1.67806°W / 53.37806; -1.67806
TypeStone circle
PeriodsBronze Age

Hordron Edge stone circle, also known as 'The Seven Stones of Hordron' is a Bronze Age stone circle (grid reference SK2152486851) in Derbyshire, England. It is on the edge of Moscar Moor. Ladybower reservoir is to the west, and Moscar Cross is to the northeast. Seven stones are presently (2017) visible with a further three stones, now recumbent and hidden discovered in 1992. Some authorities believe that the circle might have once comprised 26 stones.

The stone circle is approximately 15 to 16 m (49 to 52 ft) in diameter, with eleven stones between 45 cm and 95 cm high extant upright.

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