Gelmus as seen from the Cittadella

Il-Gelmus is a hill located in Victoria, Gozo, Malta in the north western part of the country, 30 kilometers north west of Valletta. The estimate terrain elevation above seal level is 133 metres. The width at the base is 0.56 kilometers. In the area around Il-Gelmus are unusually many named peninsulas, rock formations, beaches and caves. The climate of the area is temperate.

Average annual temperature in the neighborhood is 18 °C. The warmest month is July when the average temperature is 26 °C and the coldest is in January, with 12 °C. The average annual rainfall is 581 millimeters. The rainiest month is November, with an average of 157 mm of precipitation, and the driest is July, with 1 mm of rainfall.

Coordinates: 36°03′N 14°14′E / 36.050°N 14.233°E / 36.050; 14.233

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