Innermost intercostal muscle

Innermost intercostal muscle
Innermost intercostal muscles back.png
Innermost intercostal muscle (red), seen from back.
OriginInfero-posterior border of each rib (above)
InsertionSupero-posterior border of the rib (below)
Arteryintercostal arteries
Nerveintercostal nerves
ActionsThrough adduction of upper ribs to the lower ribs the muscles narrow intercostal slits and diminish thorax volume, therefore the muscles represent expiratory muscles.
Latinmusculus intercostalis intimus
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The innermost intercostal muscle is a layer of intercostal muscles. It may also be called the intima of the internal intercostal muscles. It is the deepest muscular layer of the thorax, with muscle fibres running vertically (in parallel with the internal intercostal muscles). It is present only in the middle of each intercostal space, and often not present higher up the rib cage. It lies deep to the plane that contains the intercostal nerves and intercostal vessels, and the internal intercostal muscles. The diaphragm is continuous with the innermost intercostal muscle.

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