Durango Institute of Technology (Redirected from Instituto Tecnológico de Durango)

Durango Institute of Technology
Instituto Tecnológico de Durango
Instituto Tecnologico de Durango.jpg
MottoLa Técnica al Servicio de la Patria
Motto in English
The Technique at the Service of the Country
TypePublic university
Established2 August 1948[1]
DirectorJesús Astorga Pérez
Administrative staff
Location, ,
24°01′52.39″N 104°38′48.89″W / 24.0312194°N 104.6469139°W / 24.0312194; -104.6469139Coordinates: 24°01′52.39″N 104°38′48.89″W / 24.0312194°N 104.6469139°W / 24.0312194; -104.6469139
ColorsCrimson and white
MascotWhite female donkey

The Durango Institute of Technology (in Spanish: Instituto Tecnológico de Durango) is a Mexican public university located in the state of Durango.


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