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Jameh Mosque of Varamin

Grand Mosque of Varamin
مسجد جامع ورامین
Varamin mosque. courtyard and dome.jpg
Masjed-e Jomeh of Varamin, View from the room above the entrance,
ProvinceTehran Province
Ecclesiastical or organizational statusIn use occasionally.
LocationVaramin, Tehran, Iran
Jameh Mosque of Varamin is located in Iran
Jameh Mosque of Varamin
Shown within Iran
Geographic coordinates35°19′N 51°39′E / 35.32°N 51.65°E / 35.32; 51.65Coordinates: 35°19′N 51°39′E / 35.32°N 51.65°E / 35.32; 51.65
Architect(s)Ali Qazvini
Length66 meters
Width43 meters

Jāmeh Mosque of Varāmīn (Persian: مسجد جامع ورامین‎ – Masjed-e-Jāme-e Varāmīn) Congregation mosque of Varamin, Friday mosque of Varamin or Grand mosque of Varamin is the grand, congregational mosque (Jāmeh) of Varamin city, within the Tehran Province of Iran. This mosque is one of the oldest buildings of Varamin city. Its construction began during the reign of’ Sultan Mohammad Khodabaneh and was completed during his son’s rule Sultan Abu Sa'eed. This building consists of a Shabestan, portico, large brick dome, the structure beside shabestan and ten small arches along with one large arch in the middle.[1][2]


The following are photos of the Mosque that were taken by Robert Byron in 1934.

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