Jazz Jamboree

The Jazz Jamboree Festival, one of the biggest and oldest jazz festivals in Europe, takes place in Warsaw. Organized by Jazz Jamboree Foundation.

Musician Krzysztof Sadowski announces one of the concerts of the 55th Jazz Jamboree Festival in Warszawa, Poland. December 8th, 2013


The first Jazz Jamboree was organised by Hot-Club Hybrydy. It was three days long (18 to 21 September 1958) and it was called "Jazz 58". The first three editions of the festival took place in the student's club Stodoła (with some of the concerts in Cracow). Then the venue was changed to Filharmonia Narodowa, and since 1965 all editions have taken place in Sala Kongresowa in Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw.

The name "Jazz Jamboree" was coined by Leopold Tyrmand.

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