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Josef Holeček (canoeist)

Josef Holeček
Medal record
Men's canoe sprint
Representing  Czechoslovakia
Olympic Games
Gold medal – first place 1948 London C-1 1000 m
Gold medal – first place 1952 Helsinki C-1 1000 m
World Championships
Gold medal – first place 1950 Copenhagen C-1 1000 m
Silver medal – second place 1950 Copenhagen C-1 10000 m

Josef Holeček (Czech pronunciation: [ˈjozɛv ˈɦolɛtʃɛk]; 25 January 1921 – 20 February 2005) was a Czechoslovakian sprint canoeist who competed in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Competing in two Summer Olympics, he won gold medals in the C-1 1000 m event in both 1948 and 1952.

Holeček was born in Říčany. In addition to his Olympic record, he won two medals at the 1950 ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships in Copenhagen with a gold in the C-1 1000 m and a silver in the C-1 10000 m events.

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