Kalina Jędrusik

Kalina Jędrusik
Kalina Jędrusik NAC.jpg
Kalina Jędrusik in 1953
Born(1931-02-05)5 February 1931
Częstochowa, Poland
Died7 August 1991(1991-08-07) (aged 60)
Warsaw, Poland
Occupationactress, singer
Spouse(s)Stanisław Dygat

Kalina Jędrusik (5 February 1931 in Częstochowa – 7 August 1991 in Warsaw) was a Polish singer and actress. She performed in more than thirty films from 1953 to 1991. Jędrusik was married to writer Stanisław Dygat.


Kalina Jędrusik was born in 1931 in Gnaszyn, now part of Częstochowa, as a daughter of Henryk Jędrusik, a member of the Senate of Poland. She graduated from Juliusz Słowacki Public High School in 1949 in her birth town. In 1949 she moved to Kraków, where she graduated from Ludwik Solski Academy for the Dramatic Arts. Kalina Jędrusik debuted in 1953 at the Wybrzeże Theatre in Gdańsk. From 1955 she performed at Warsaw theatres: National Theatre (1955-1957), Współczesny Theatre (1957-1963), Comedy Theatre (1964-1967), Studencki Teatr Satyryków (1969-1972), Variety Theatre (1972-1985), Polish Theatre (1985-1991).

She was also famous for performing in the Elderly Gentlemen's Cabaret and acting in many Polish movies, including Lekarstwo na miłość or Ziemia obiecana.

In the 1960s and the 1970s Kalina Jędrusik was a Polish sex symbol.[1] In 1976 she performed in the United States with Violetta Villas.

She died in Warsaw on 7 August 1991 from an asthma attack[2] and was buried at the Avenue of Notables at Powązki Cemetery.

Selected filmography

Year Title Role
1960 Innocent Sorcerers Journalist
1975 The Promised Land Lucy Zuckerowa
1986 C.K. Dezerterzy Madame Elli
1988 Hanussen Kalyna Dygat Jydrusik
1991 The Double Life of Véronique The Gaudy Woman


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