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Khaled El Sheikh

Khaled El Sheikh
خالد الشيخ
Also known asKhalid Alshaikh
Born (1958-09-23) 23 September 1958 (age 61)
GenresClassical Crossover
Occupation(s)Composer, Singer & Songwriter
Years active80s–present

Khaled El Sheikh (Arabic: خالد الشيخ‎), or Khalid Al-Shaikh, born in Bahrain on 23 September 1958 is a Bahraini singer. Married with 5 daughters (Dareen, Noor, Marwa, Samawa, and Wanas). Honored in 12th Bahrain International Musical Festival on 14 October 2003. Honored by Culture & Arts Directorate, Ministry of Information for best music and sound effects for Akhbar AlMajnoon play on 6 July 2005.

Education and early career

El Sheikh graduated from high school in Bahrain in 1975. He then relocated to Kuwait and was enrolled in Kuwait University, majoring in Economic & Political Sciences. During his sophomore year in college, opting to follow his passion for music; he dropped out of college in 1978 and travelled to Egypt with the intent to study at the Higher Institute for Music (Conservatoire) in Cairo. There, Khaled studied musical composition for one year (1979-1980).

In 1979, he returned to Bahrain and was appointed as Oud Instructor at Bahrain Music Institute, before taking up a governmental post at the Ministry of Information until 1998.

Collaborations with prominent artists ignited Khaled's career, with compositions to fellow Bahraini singer Mohammad Aljumairi, in addition to participating in musical composition for a significant number of plays dedicated to children.

A milestone in Khaled's career was the composition he provided for the song Shuwaiekh Mn Ardh Meknes by Aljumairi in 1982. The unprecedented success of the song cemented Khaled's status as one of the pillars of music in the Persian Gulf region.

In 1983, he released his debut album, heavily written in formal Arabic, which was extremely uncommon at the time.

Participation in festivals

Khalid AlSheikh received numerous awards and certificates of appreciation and honor throughout his career:
A certificate of appreciation and honor of the festival of Eid art Iraq 1985
A guest of honor and appreciation in the Arab Song Festival VI, primarily in Bahrain 1996
Testimony in honor of the Bahrain International Festival XI Music Bahraini October 2003
The prize for best music and sound effects, "the formation of music and songs" 2005
Shield pilot astronauts Arab music in the Doha Song Festival VIII January 2007

Songs and music works

Own albums: Kulama Kunta Bequrbi, 1983.
Mudeer Al Rah, 1984.
Ya Ubaid, 1985.
Kamanjeh, 1986.
Naam Naam, 1987.
Abu Ishaq, 1988.
Elab Elab, 1989.
Gazali, 1991.
Atash El Nakheel, 1992.
Faces (Wojooh), 1997.
Impossible (Mustaheel), 1998.
Safe Place for Love (Makan Aamen Lelhub), 2000.
Rehlat Elgajar, 2002.
Sabah El Lail, 2004.
Esmi Wa Meladi, 2005.

Theater play works

Land that does not grew flowers.
Birds Home.
Children Visits Al Maari.
Laila & Wolf.
Hamama Nudi Nudi.
Al Baraha.
Bee & Lion.
Boby dog Story.

TV works

Alwafaa Night, Kuwait TV.
Ibn Akl, Bahrain TV.
Bu Jassim Sons, Bahrain TV.
Malfa AlAyaweed, Bahrain TV.
Hassan & Noor AlSana, Bahrain TV.
Sadoon, Bahrain TV.
Neeran, Bahrain TV.
Ramadhaniyat, Bahrain TV.
Sadeem, Bahrain TV., 2002.
Suwalef Dunya, Qatar TV, 2005.


Awal (In the occasion of Sultan Qabus Visit).
Sada AlAshwaq.
Greeting to Abu Salman.
Causway of Love (In the occasion of King Fahad).
Muharraq (In the occasion of King Hamad Visit).

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- Bahrain: Ahmed AlJumairi
Ebrahim Habib
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Jassim AlHarban
Husam Ahmed
Huda Abdulla
Mohammed Abdul Rahim
Mahmoud Hussain
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Mohammed Yousif
Aref AlZayani

- Kuwait: Mustafa Ahmed
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Mohammed AlBalooshi

- Qatar: Ali AbdulSatar

- Oman: Ahmed AlHarthi
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El Yaqubi

- UAE: Abdulla BalKhair
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