Lenticular fasciculus

Lenticular fasciculus
The image shows dopaminergic pathways of the human brain in normal condition (left) and Parkinsons Disease (right). Red Arrows indicate suppression of the target, blue arrows indicate stimulation of target structure. (Lenticular fasciculus visible but not labeled, as red line from GPi to THA.)
Latinfasciculus lenticularis
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The lenticular fasciculus is a tract connecting the globus pallidus (internus) to the thalamus and is a part of the thalamic fasciculus. It is synonymous with field H2 of Forel. The thalamic fasciculus (composed of both the lenticular fasciculus and ansa lenticularis) runs to the thalamus. Basically, it is part of a pathway that connects the globus pallidus and the thalamus.

Lesions in this area can result in dyskinesias such as chorea-like movements.

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