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Disruptor Records
Disruptor Records Logo.jpg
Parent companySony Music Entertainment
FoundedSeptember 2014
FounderAdam Alpert (CEO)[1]
Country of originUnited States
LocationNew York City, New York

Disruptor Records is an American record label founded by Adam Alpert in September 2014, as a joint venture with Sony Music Entertainment.[2][3] The label has sold more than 15 million singles worldwide as of 2016.[4]


Alpert founded the label in 2014, alongside his clients' musical group The Chainsmokers, whom he also helped to form by introducing the members, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall in 2012.[5]

Vancouver-based producer Vanic signed with the label in 2016.[6][7] Lost Kings signed with the label later in October.[8] The Chainsmokers released several chart-topping songs with the label such as "Closer", "Paris" and "Something Just Like This".[9]

Alpert said “We care about the artist’s career as a whole and not just about the records. That’s the foundation upon which Disruptor was built.“[4] In 2014, he signed the joint venture with Sony Music Entertainment CEO Doug Morris, who was replaced by Rob Stringer[10][11] and launched Disruptor Records, Disruptor Management and Selector Songs.[4]

The name "Disruptor" as described by Alpert, is about 'shaking things up'. The label would focus on the long-term development of artists through artist-to-fan communication. The artists would be managed by Alpert and their music would be released through Sony.[12]

In January 2017, Disruptor artists The Chainsmokers, Vanic and Lost Kings performed at a "Lost in Music", a Sony event series.[13]

Heroless, a producer who remixed Vanic's song "Too Soon" was signed to the label in 2017.[14]



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