List of Roman governors of Germania Inferior

Reconstructed model of the Praetorium, the governors' seat; model on display at Cologne Archaeological Zone

This is a list of Roman governors of Germania Inferior (and Germania Secunda from 395 until the deposition of Romulus Augustulus in 476). Capital and largest city of Germania Inferior was Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium (CCAA), modern-day Cologne.

Governors during the Principate

BC 27 – AD 68: Julio-Claudian dynasty

AD 69–96: Year of the Four Emperors and Flavian dynasty

AD 96–192: Nervan-Antonian dynasty

AD 193–235: Year of the Five Emperors & Severan dynasty

  • AD 193–197: Virius Lupus
  • AD 197–19?: Gaius Valerius Pudens
  • AD 199–20?: Novius Priscus
  • AD 201–204: Marius Maximus Perpetuus Aurelianus
  • AD       205: Quintus Venidius Rufus
  • AD 20?–20?: Quintus Tarquitius Catulus
  • AD 206–210: Gnaeus Fulvius Maximus Centumalus
  • AD 211–212: Lucius Lucceius Martinus
  • AD 212–21?: Marcius Claudius Agrippa
  • AD 216–21?: Marcus Valerius Senecio
  • AD 222–22?: Flavius Aper Commodianus
  • AD 230–231: Clodius Aurelius Saturninus
  • AD       231: Flavius Janus
  • AD 23?–235: Gaius Messius Quintus Decius

AD 235–285: Emperors during the Crisis of the Third Century

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