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Pannonia Inferior
Province of the Roman Empire
103–3rd century

Pannonia Inferior (125 AD)
CapitalAquincum and Sirmium
• Established
• Reorganized
3rd century
Preceded by Succeeded by
Pannonia Secunda
Pannonia Valeria
Today part ofBosnia and Herzegovina

Pannonia Inferior, lit. Lower Pannonia, was a province of the Roman Empire. Its capital was Sirmium. It was one of the border provinces on the Danube. It was formed in the year 103 AD by Emperor Trajan who divided the former province of Pannonia into two parts: Pannonia Superior and Pannonia Inferior. The province included parts of present-day states of Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The province was bordered to the east (across the Danube) by a Sarmatian tribe—the Iazyges. Later, the Vandals appeared to the north-east.


Pannonia Inferior

Major settlements in Pannonia Inferior included:

Aftermath and legacy

The province was yet again split during the reign of the tetrarchs into two more provinces, Pannonia Valeria in the north, with the new provincial capital at Sopianae, and Pannonia Secunda in the south with Sirmium as the provincial capital. During the Frankish period, in the 9th century, the term Lower Pannonia was used to designate eastern and southern regions of Pannonia, including the Slavic Principality of Lower Pannonia, particularly Posavina.

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