List of arteries of the human body

This is a list of arteries of the human body.

Position of artery

Ascending aortaLeft coronary arteryLAD
Right coronary arteryCircumflex a
Aortic archBrachiocephalic aR common carotid a
R subclavian a
L common carotid aInternal carotid a
External carotid a
L subclavian aVertebral artery
Int. thoracic a
Thyrocervical trunk
Costocervical trunk
Dorsal scapular artery (mostly)
Descending aorta
Bronchial as
Abdominal aortaCeliac aL gastric a
Common hepatic a
Splenic a
Renal as
L common iliac aR common iliac a
External iliac aInternal iliac a
Femoral aProfunda femoris a
Popliteal aPeroneal a
Anterior tibial aPosterior tibial a
Dorsalis pedis a

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