List of music festivals in South Korea

Music festivals of South Korea
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Related genresK-pop, rock music, classical music, etc.
LocationSouth Korea (primarily Seoul)

The following is a list of music festivals in South Korea. This list may have overlap with list of music festivals and festivals of Korea. Music festivals in South Korea may focus on Korean musicians or international musicians, and may be either in a concert or music competition format, or both. South Korea has folk festivals incorporating Korean traditional music, which includes combinations of the folk, vocal, religious and Korean ritual music styles of the Korean people, practiced since prehistoric times. Music of South Korea in contemporary times incorporates diverse genres, and South Korea has many ongoing rock festivals dedicated to pop music, Korean rock, and K-pop.


Festival name Type City/venue Years Notes
Asia Song Festival Pop festival South Korea 2004–present International Asian pop festival
Busan Rock Festival Rock festival Busan 2000–present Rock, metal, and indie
Daegu International Opera Festival Opera festival Daegu 2003–present Multiple features beyond main opera
Dongducheon Rock Festival Rock festival Dongducheon 1999–present Edgier rock
DMZ Peace Train Music Festival Music festival Cheorwon 2018–present Rock, world, folk
Dream Concert Pop festival Seoul 1995–present
ETPFEST Rock festival Seoul 2001–present Founded by Seo Taiji
Great Mountains Music Festival & School Classical music festival PyeongChang 2004–present Chamber music festival
Hiphopplaya Festival Hip-Hop festival Seoul 2016–present
Incheon Korean Music Wave Pop festival Incheon 2009–present
Isang Yun Competition Classical music festival Tongyeong 2003–present
IT'S A FEST! Punk festival Muuido 2019–present DIY punk festival
Jarasum International Jazz Festival Jazz festival Gapyeong-gun 2004–present
Jecheon International Music & Film Festival Film festival Jecheon 2004–present
Jeonju International Sori Festival Folk festival Jeonju 2001–present
Jeju International Wind Ensemble Festival Classical music festival Jeju City 1995–present 200,000+ attend for wind ensembles
Jisan Valley Rock Festival Rock festival Ansan 2009–present
K-Pop World Festival Pop festival Changwon 2011–present Organized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs
New Generation of Ska Festival Ska festival Seoul 2014–2017
Pangyo Techno Valley Festival EDM festival Pangyo Techno Valley 2014 Crowd incident led to cancellation
Pentaport Rock Festival Rock festival Incheon 2006–present
Seoul Fringe Festival Experimental music festival Seoul 1988–present Indie culture focus, renamed in 2002
Seoul Jazz Festival Jazz festival Seoul 2007–present
World DJ Festival EDM festival Seoul 2007–present
Ssamzi Sound Festival Rock festival Seoul 1999–2014
Summer Breeze Rock festival Seoul 2008 Cancelled for low sales
Supersonic Festival Pop festival Seoul 2012–present
Tongyeong International Music Festival Classical music festival Tongyeong 2002–present Contest
Ultra Korea EDM festival Seoul 2012–present Spin-off of Ultra Miami
Zandari Festa Music showcase/conference Seoul 2012–present Multiple venues around Hongdae
Off Route Festival Hip Hop


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