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Music festivals of Taiwan
Taiwan Hip Hop Festival 2017.jpg
2017 Taiwan Hip Hop Festival in Kaohsiung
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Related genresMandopop, Hokkien pop, rock music, Indigenous music, etc.

The following is a list of music festivals in Taiwan. This list may have overlap with list of music festivals and List of festivals in Taiwan. Music festivals in Taiwan may focus on Taiwanese musicians or international musicians, and may be either in a concert or music competition format, or both. Music of Taiwan in contemporary times incorporates diverse genres, and Taiwan has many ongoing music festivals dedicated to pop music, Indigenous music, Indie Music, as well as Mandopop.


Festival name Type City/venue Years Notes
Amis Music Festival Indigenous music Dulan Village, Taitung County 2013–present Organized by Suming Rupi
Beigang International Music Festival Light music Beigang, Yunlin 2006–present The festival has a series of concerts, mostly wind music, and an educational program within the Chia-Hu Conservatory
Chiayi City International Band Festival Wind instrument Chiayi City 2007–present
FireBall Festival Rock festival Kaohsiung 2017–present Indie rock, Punk rock, Heavy metal music
Formoz Festival Indie Music Taipei 1995–present Formoz Festival plays an important role in the development of Taiwanese indie music.
Golden Music Festival Pop festival Taipei 2010–present
Heart Town Festival Music festival Taichung 2014–present
Hohaiyan Rock Festival Rock Music Fulong Beach, Gongliao District, New Taipei 2000–present
Megaport Music Festival Rock festival and Indie Music Kaohsiung 2006–present
Rock in Taichung Rock festival Taichung 2007–present
Small Oyster Rock Rock festival Kaohsiung 2012–present
Spring Scream Music festival Kenting, Pingtung County 1995–present The festival showcases a variety of music styles from bands both from Taiwan and overseas.
Spring Wave Sunset Festival Electronic music Taipei 2015–present
Taichung Jazz Festival Jazz festival Taichung 2003–present
Taiwan Hip Hop Festival Hip hop Kaohsiung 2017–present First ever outdoor hip-hop festival in Taiwan.
Taoyuan Iron Rose Festival Music festival Taoyuan 2009–present
Taroko Music Festival Music festival Taroko National Park, Xiulin Township, Hualien County 2002–present


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