List of rivers of Mongolia

Gorge of the Chuluut River

This is a list of notable rivers of Mongolia, arranged geographically by river basin.

The Mongolian words for river are gol (гол) and mörön (мөрөн), with the latter usually used for larger rivers. The Mongolian names also occasionally have a genitive construction, with the name of the river having the suffix -iin (-ийн) or -yn (-ын). For example, Ider River is Ideriin Gol (Идэрийн гол), having the meaning "River of Ider".

Longest rivers

  1. Orkhon River - 1,124 kilometres (698 mi)
  2. Kherlen River - 1,090 kilometres (677 mi)
  3. Tuul River - 704 kilometres (437 mi)
  4. Zavkhan River - 670 kilometres (416 mi)
  5. Selenge River - 593 kilometres (368 mi)
  6. Hovd River - 516 kilometres (321 mi)
  7. Eg River - 475 kilometres (295 mi)
  8. Ider River - 452 kilometres (281 mi)
  9. Delgermörön - 445 kilometres (277 mi)

Flowing into the Arctic Ocean

Selenge River
Ider River
Tuul River
Shishged River

Flowing into the Sea of Okhotsk (Pacific Ocean)

  • Amur River (Russia/China)
    • Shilka River (Russia)

Flowing into endorheic basins

Hulun Lake

Ulaan Lake

Great Lakes Depression

Khar-Us Lake

Uvs Nuur Basin

Uvs Lake and basin

Rivers draining into endorheic Uvs Lake, forming the drainage of the Uvs Lake Basin

Khyargas Lake

Dörgön Lake

  • Teeliin gol, flowing out of Khar Lake
    • Chono Kharaikh gol, draining into Khar Lake

Ulungur Lake

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